Why Companies Need Different Planning Software?

Companies can work more effectively with the help of various software tools, which can be ready-made or bespoke solutions. On-premise options may involve apps and worksheets for COTS (commercial off-the-shelf products). Software helps in data and resource structuring, exchanging the information, and implementing effective collaboration.


Functions of Planning Software

The main functions of the resource management program are:

  • working efficiency and costs calculation;
  • data analysis;
  • ROI estimates and business planning;
  • resource availability forecast.
Out-of-the-Box Programs for Various Needs

At the beginning, some standard tools can be used:

  • for sales management - Salesforce;
  • for data organizing - Google Spreadsheets, Excel, MS Outlook;
  • for content management and site creation - Wordpress;
  • for lead development and business communication - AMO-CRM.

What Companies Can Benefit from the Planning Software?

If you want to prevent human errors and manual updates, and if you do not see the picture of your company’s growth, you should implement complicated data synchronisation and it is time to consider bespoke planning tools, which meets all the business needs.

Doubtless, no matter how big the company is, it can profit from resource planning software. The benefits of resource-planning software are surely connected to the company size. The larger enterprise is, the more resources and clients it has, the greater impact of improvements could be.


There is a wide variety of COTS planning software, such as subscription based on SaaS or conventional programs. The main open source tools for this category are: Zoho Project, MeisterTask, Freecamp, Wrike, Orangescrum, Asana.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of ready-made solutions. They often requires customisation and expensive maintenance. In long term, the COTS costs, installation, hosting and updates can cost you more than bespoke development. Regarding SaaS planning system, they seem affordable, but often have a limited flexibility.

The suitable business tool helps in solving the problem of meeting your business demands and client needs, showing the dynamics of business efficiency and providing an accurate ROI calculation.


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Advantages of Using Bespoke Solutions

If there are no out-of-the-box programs which can meet all your requirements, it is better to use bespoke solution. The main pros for custom development are:

Automation - Developed by the programmers especially for you, business solutions help in improving specific parts of your business, which could not be done with ready-made products. The automation gives you a clear picture of your business and saves time.
Enhanced Integration - The is no need in starting from scratch, as custom apps can be fully integrated into current business systems and an expansion of your existing system could be applied.
Intuitive Solution - Custom solutions are designed for specific business processes, so programs are more intuitive and easy to use.
Support – Various ways of coaching and user manuals are developed to help familiarise your employees with the new program in the short term, which definitely increases efficiency from the first days after the launch.
Flexibility and Profitability – It is essential to implement the functionality that works according to the specific requirements and establish a future development plan which helps the software remain flexible and respond to changing market.

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