We are glad to present your our recent development cases and results of the partnership with innovative entrepreneurs. If you want to find more details about each case, we are welcoming you to call us.



A social networking web application designed for software engineers, programmers, and coders. The project implied collaboration with a group of programmers who outsourced our services for the lack of expertise in the integration of the social networking functionality. We develop the web platform that assists developers and designers who participate in hackathons projects. The platform promotes hackathons enabling registered users to place the challenge or task and set a prize for its accomplishment. Other users can unite in groups and participate in the existing events in order to win. The platform became a successful tech startup.



Data-driven solutions development is one of our strongest sides. We know how to visualize it, arrange, and ensure seamless management. Our work with a broadcasting company has proved our expertise. Together we developed an analytical web application that collects viewers’ data into a database, performs its analytics on the client side and display information in an intuitive way with the help of graphs and charts. We utilized multiple design tools for achieving the desired results, such as D3.js data visualization library, SVG, HTML, and CSS. The application assists TV-programmers and advertisers to create a TV-program based on TV shows popularity and users’ preferences facilitating the audience reach analytics.


Ride Pal

A website concept is built around the idea of shared rides. Our client approached us to create a web portal that would enable drivers to find the fellow passenger, and other users to find a person with a car that aims at the same destinations. With an opportunity to find a ride companions, users can reduce the cost of their rides and decrease the CO2 emission. We integrated Google Maps API to enable the website to show the routes in a familiar way. Users’ can set the starting points of their ways, destinations and intermediate stops. At the same time, site protects users’ confidentiality with the internal chat system.



In collaboration with an airline company, our developers were engaged in the development of an iPad application with Wallet integration to ensure that enables flight boarding passes collection. The program enables users to search the flight of the company, compare prices, book tickets, pay with the credit card or PayPal and download the boarding pass. App designers ensured that interface is intuitive and easy to use. And currently, we are working on the development of an iPhone app with the same functionality.



A mobile application presents an efficient time tracking tool. Its functionality lets users set smart alerts which notify users about the right time to start/finish the current work. To activate the time-tracking feature, it is enough to tap the app icon with a 3D Touch capabilities. The app displays a visual timeline with accurate data about daily activity. The data is stored and can be viewed anytime. On-screen reports also can be emailed in an XML or PDF formats. The program efficiently tracks the time and helps users to stay focused on their projects and tasks.


DJ Mix

An interactive mobile application let users play with the music and favorite songs. It enables everyone to feel like a DJ letting mix songs seamlessly on their smartphones. Users have access to edit each individual track and blend it with others. The app includes multiple sound effects including slowing and speeding, different bits, vocals and others. After finishing their products, they can also share masterpieces with their friends via Facebook and SoundCloud. The app store mixes as a separate playlist and can play it anytime user need.